Monday, November 10, 2008


It's a little late for Halloween, but what the heck. I end up rockin' it like Rosie Greer for the month before halloween. I make as much as I can for all the family costumes. We're not the "buy it off the shelf and wear it" type of people. We scavenge, sew, create, improvise and just about do anything to get that look we want. This year, the wife and I went as Beetlejuice and Lydia (the wedding scene).
I was pretty intimidated by the makeup part, but I think that I scooted by. I used a relatively cheap Beetlejuice wig/cap and enhanced it a bit with real moss from a craft store and some white face makeup. I found the vintage 70's tux complete with ruffled shirt at a local antique/vintage store. That was one awesome find. As for the wife, the dress part is bought, but I made the veil/train with some tuile from the local fabric store and the sewing machine. The tiera is from HS when she was homecoming queen. The choker is from an older costume.
The kids weren't that hard or elaborate. My son was ObiWan Kenobi and my daughter was Willy Wonka. For my son, I sewed together a top from a few patterns online. (There's a plethera of Star Wars geeks online that well tell you how to sew a "proper" Jedi costume) We then get a "monk's robe", cut it up a little, a pair of sweats and some boots and viola. My daughter was even easier. At the goodwill store, we found a black button down shirt, a maroon/purplish trenchcoat and a pair of old black penny loafers. The I picked up a brunette "supermodel" bob wig and I had an old top hat from an old costume. There. Willy Wonka!