Thursday, August 21, 2008

Web 2.0 Mobile

I've always been a geek. I'm geekier than most geeks, but I'm a man's geek. Lately though I've been ashamed of my geekiness. I'm lagging behind in the mobile world. I had mobile internet before there was mobile internet. I'd hook my old Palm 3C up to my Nokia 8210 via infrared, have the palm dial up some numbers and viola... mobile internet on my Palm 3C! A few phones later, I have a Palm Treo 680. This thing is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but because I'm a loser lately, I haven't done any customization.
Now that I'm moving my life to Google, I need to do mobile too. Now with the palm, I get the Palm Desktop, but I want to do everything over-the-air. GMail is easy. You just create the Versamail account according to the instructions found here. Now for the calendar, I use GooSync. Pretty easay to set up, not alot of extraneous features and pretty straight forward.

Next up, to-do's, memos, and other trivial things that I can sync.

Stay tuned.....
Average Guy X~~~~~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am a slacker

Now that I have started all this Web 2.0 and social networking/media stuff, I am a total slacker. I started out hot and heavy, but have been sputtering off. Only one post last week? I even chastise myself. Stay tuned.... more stuff to come though.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Moving my life to Google: Part Deux

I have successfully transferred my email to Google. I've configured GMail to check my "old" email accounts and let me send email as my "old" email addresses. Good. Now for the bad. It only checks the email accounts at certain intervals which is determined by some algorithm that takes into account how much mail you get through that account. Well, it's not all that bad until you see the connection interval time being an hour. Now I don't call myself popular, but I'd like to see that configurable, but I can live with it. I still need to reconfigure my Outlook client (yes, I still like to use outlook) to use it exclusively and not check my other "old" email addresses.

I've got my calendar in Google Calendar. I'm using this nifty sync tool called RemoteCalendars which has two-way sync between Outlook and any other iCalendar compliant calendar. This takes care of my personal calendar, but what about my work calendar? Do I want to combine them? Do I want to keep them separate? I'll have to look into that a little more.

To-dos are non existent on Google. There's been a few suggestions and add-ins available to compensate. The one that I found most useful is Remember the Milk. It actually integrates with the Google Calendar. Now to try to sync it with Outlook.

Stay Tuned....

Monday, August 4, 2008

Social networking & privacy?

When you register for just about any website it asks you for a real name and a username. Even on blogger, you have a profile with a real name and a username and even your GMail address can reveal information about you. Now I consider myself a professional worker. I work in a corporate-type environment where business casual dress is required, some days I might even need a tie depending who I'm meeting with. I've started blogging, have GMail accounts, started with a bunch of social networking sites (twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and am wondering a few things.... How much is too much?

How much information should you be revealing online about yourself? I've created this persona for this blog "Average Guy X". If you search hard enough, you can probably find out my real name, but how does all the stuff I do online affect my value at work or even my prospects for furthering my career?

Have you ever been around the office water cooler having a conversation with some co-worker that you've known for some time and then he/she tells a story of something they did over the weekend and you say to yourself "Wow. That was a little too much TMI and now I can't really have the same relationship with them anymore!"? Most of the time, it's harmless information about religion or politics that you find out, but sometimes there can be lifestyle, work habits, personal opinions, or even the occasional revelation about how they make money with some "scheme" that really make you see this person in a different light. I'm wondering how much of this social networking can contribute to that.

Stay tuned.