Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost in mobileland

I think that I've given up on my Palm Treo 680. It's lived a good life, but it has failed me. I put it in the beach bag the other day at the pool so as not to get it wet. But according to Murphy, it'll get wet somehow and it did. Nothing too awful, just looked like a few well placed drips onto the case. The battery was dead at the time so I went to charge it. After a while I came back to it to check it out.... it was trying to sync. Hmmm..... so let's throw the cable on it and let it sync. OK. Now take the cable off, and it tries to sync again. Not good. After a few rounds of this, I've determined the phone is shorted out on syncing, hence unusable. So I throw my SIM card into an old Moto Razr of my wife's. Alright. I have a phone.
After a few minutes, I understand how awful this really is. I go to text a buddy of mine... and my address book is still on my palm and sync'd with Google, but not on this phone. Can I get my address book on there? Probably not. So I just look up his number on Google and then text him.
Then one of my twitter friends tweets something interesting with a web link. Alright, this this has a web browser. I go to the link and get a 413 error. (basically, this means the web site isn't compatible with a dinky Razr web browser). Darnit! Strike 2.
Then I get this text. "Wanna have a few beers?" Great. Sure! Uh Oh... who's phone number is this? Back to Google. Oh. Ok. It's one of my other buddies. Sure.
Then I want to tweet something. I've done it through text before, no big deal and plus, Twitter updates my Facebook status automatically. So I tweet......... About an hour later, not literally, but not too far off, I have tweeted two sentences! Wow. This is really starting to bother me.
The bottom line is that I have been pretty spoiled about having a smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. I can't live without another one. I can't surf, text, tweet, facebook, play games, use apps, take video, or store alot of things on this darn phone. I don't even have 60 texts in it and it says the memory is almost full. Boo. I'm definitely spoiled.