Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Looking at the New Year

Wow. I really can't organize myself to have at least a post a week? I would really love that. I guess I have my answer to the question "What will my new year's resolution be?" I get so consumed in work and home that my other endeavors suffer. Well, no more. I am going to give myself a boot in the a$$ and put the nose to the grindstone when it comes to other endeavors. I will be trying to document my steps here on my blog so stay tuned.
I'm still using most of my stuff on Google. Google Notepad and Google Documents have been valuable resources. I've been using Google Documents to create notebooks about stuff. One notebook has ideas, tasks and other things about my garage. Another has stuff about trying to make a Linux home computer and what packages to put on it. Yet another is a few recipes that I clip off the internet. My wife and I love trying new things at dinner.
Google notebook is something I use more for web-clipping than anything else. I also track changes that I make in the presentation of this blog. I know there's a little convergence in the two programs right now, but that'll get ironed out later.
I still have not found a good tasks program for Google. Now they just did implement Google Tasks in GMail. You can read about it here. I have not yet used that feature. I have been using Remember the Milk with a little bit of success, but I'm not fully sold. I cannot sync it with my Palm Treo 680 and would really love to have that feature.
And awa-a-ay we go!